25 February 2007

LAX versus SFO

On 23 February 2007 the Los Angeles Times carried a story about how Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is losing popularity amongst international airlines to San Francisco (SFO). Certainly in my experience SFO does a much better job in upgradings its facilities and promoting itself, and has secured an Air New Zealand service that is proving to be very popular. It may also yet be the home of Virgin America. Last year Air New Zealand downgraded its LAX-LHR service from B747s to B777s and intends withdrawing from operating PPT-LAX.

I also recall that while SFO now has a BART station, the Los Angeles politicians seem to have stopped their mass urban transit system, Metro Rail, short of LAX to appease the local parking lot and taxi industries!


Rob Good said...

LAX could do with a makeover and LA could certainly do with a proper rail and subway system.

libertyscott said...

However you can't beat the Air NZ lounge at LAX, whereas the United lounge at SFO is abysmal in comparison (even the BA lounge is pokey). LAX could hardly use a rail link, where would it go? Most destinations people want to travel to are nowhere near any rail links in LA.