30 October 2007

Spain and the United Arab Emirates negotiate new ASA

On 25 October 2007 Spain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) initialled a new air services agreement.

Mongolia to join MALIAT on cargo-only basis

Mongolia has deposited an Instrument of Accession, the first stage in joining the "open skies" Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalization of International Air Transportation (MALIAT). Mongolia is seeking to join for cargo air services only, something that is now possible under Article 15 bis of the Agreement.

29 October 2007

Caribbean Ministers sign San Juan Air Transport Accord

On 25 October 2007 Aviation Week reported that Caribbean Ministers at a Caribbean Tourism Organization meeting in San Juan have signed an Air Transport Accord that includes a commitment to updating air services arrangements in the region by 30 September 2008.

On 27 October 2007, however, the Bahama Journal reported that in the Bahamas at least the Accord does not have total support.

PIASA enters into force following ratification by Niue

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat web site indicates that the Pacific Islands Air Services Agreement UPDATED (PIASA) entered into force on 13 October 2007 following ratification by a sixth Pacific Islands country, Niue.

The initial parties to the PIASA are the Cook Islands, Nauru, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu (see also previous posting on 16 May 2007).

27 October 2007

Airbus A380 enters service with first flight by SQ to SYD

25 October 2007 finally saw the delayed entry into service of the Airbus A380. The first flight was by Singapore Airlines from Singapore (SIN) to Sydney (SYD). This historic event received considerable media coverage, including in the Australian and the Telegraph.

On 27 October 2007 the Telegraph reported on an aspect of the A380's environmental impact, its emissions.

Notable in the public comments about the aircraft, however, are how relatively quiet it is.

Earlier in the month while about to leave Manila I saw an A380 prototype landing there.

Oberstar addresses the International Aviation Club in Washington DC

On 23 October 2007 Hon. James Oberstar, the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, delivered a speech to the International Aviation Club of Washington DC. Amongst the issues he covered were restrictions on foreign control of US airlines and the European Commission's proposal to include international aviation in its emissions trading scheme.

05 October 2007

Australia and the United States to hold "open skies" negotiations

On 29 September 2007 Australia (Hon. Mark Vaile) and the United States of America announced their intention to begin the negotiation of an "open skies" air transportation agreement with the aim of concluding it in early 2008.

A 1 October 2007 Sydney Morning Herald article by Scott Rochfort looks at some of the implications.

Singapore and the UK announce new "open skies" air services agreement

On 3 October 2007 Singapore and the United Kingdom announced that they have concluded a new "open skies" air services agreement to come into effect in March 2008. Notable features include no restrictions on fifth freedom rights (including for Singaporean airlines unrestricted rights to serve the UK-US market), and exchanges of seventh freedom and cabotage rights.

In practical terms, constraints on slots at London Heathrow will be a factor in the extent to which Singapore Airlines will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will be available.