13 August 2011

Getting Paid by Gov't. for NOT Flying Passengers

A weblog post on Carpe Diem from a US economist, Mark Perry, about the Essential Air Service Program in the United States where they have a fiscal crisis, CARPE DIEM: Getting Paid by Gov't. for NOT Flying Passengers, caught my attention. For a mad moment I have been contemplating how I would answer his question: "... what is the best kind of airplane not to fly passengers on ..."

Canada liberalises air services arrangements with Mexico

On 12 August 2011 the Canadian government announced that it has expanded its air transport agreement with Mexico.

The key feature of the new arrangements is the removal of capacity limits on direct (3rd/4th freedom) flights between the two countries.

Tariffs regulation provisions have also been liberalised, and the safety and security articles updates.

11 August 2011

Brazil signs new air transport agreement with Canada

The Canadian Prime Minister's Office has announced from Brasilia that on 8 August 2011 Canada signed a new Air Transport Agreement with Brazil.

The new arrangements include provision for third-country code-sharing.

They have been welcomed by Air Canada and WestJet.