03 August 2008

Trial New Zealand visitor arrivals motion chart

I have just completed my first Google Motion Chart. It is on New Zealand Visitor Arrivals for the current top 50 markets and covers the period 1983-2004.

To see the animation click on Gadget1 - see top left - and then press the play button. As with Gapminder World animations, roll your mouse pointer over individual bubbles to see the market names. Click on them to produce a label. With the trace box (right centre) selected, click on a bubble and press play (bottom left) for a year-by-year view of changes (click on the bubble again to deselect). Multiple bubbles can be selected.

I used data on great circle distances from Auckland airport (AKL)(from Great Circle Mapper) for the X axis, real GDP per capita on a PPP basis (from Gapminder) for the Y axis and New Zealand visitor arrival numbers (from Statistics NZ Table 2.01) for the bubbles.

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