10 January 2007

Recent UK Air Services Agreements available on the web

Air Services Agreements (ASAs) that the United Kingdom (UK) is party to are published as Command Papers. The full texts of ASAs published since January 1992 are available here on the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) web site.

As you might expect, the bilateral agreement that I am most interested in is that between New Zealand and the UK signed in Wellington on 26 July 2005. This "open skies" ASA is very rare (unique?) in that it includes the exchange of all nine freedoms of the air.

The full texts of other ASAs on the FCO web site at the time of writing include those that the UK has recently concluded with: the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Pakistan, the Slovak Republic, Syria, Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates.

The UK Department for Transport includes a web page detailing the UK's Bilateral Programme of Air Services Talks as part of its web site's information on international aviation services.

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