09 January 2007

Australia's Air Services Agreements available on the web

The Australian Treaties Database is available on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) web site. To find air services agreements (ASAs) one can do a subject search on TRANSPORT. However, it seems that each time a new ASA is presented to the Australian Parliament also included is a reference sheet listing all of Australia's current ASAs. Here is a recent example available from the Australian Treaties Library. One can then use the references to find ASAs that are of interest in the Database.

Remember that an ASA will not give the full story particularly when capacity is predetermined as is generally the case with Australia's air services arrangements.

A valuable summary of Australia's international air services arrangements, albeit now starting to get a little dated appeared in the 1999 Productivity Commission Final Report on International Air Services UPDATED (this is a 1.33MB .pdf file) - see Appendix E, pp281-300.

Also of interest are the International Air Services Commission web site and the Schedule of Unused Capacity for Australian International Airlines published by DoTaRS.

And as might be expected if there is a significant outcome from an air services negotiation there is likely to be a related ministerial media statement or two.

If others have better web sources for this information I would appreciate knowing.

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