27 March 2011

UK launches consultation on band structure of Air Passenger Duty

On 23 March 2011 HM Treasury released with the UK's Budget a consultation document on reform of the air passenger duty. The key element of this is presenting options for alternative band structures (see previous post). It was also conceded that a switch to a per plane duty would be contrary to international law.

The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Guardian reported some reaction to the news.

Reaction also came from:
Earlier ABTA had launched a Facebook campaign - A Fair Tax on Flying - while environmental groups launched a Facebook page - Fair Tax on Flying

For a New Zealand industry perspective prior to this announcement see a letter dated 30 November 2010 to the UK Economic Secretary to the Treasury from the Tourism Industry Association (TIANZ), Inbound Tour Operators Council (ITOC) and NZ Airports.

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