20 September 2009

Airbus Global Market Forecast 2009-2028 published

Airbus has just published its annual Global Market Forecast for the period 2009 to 2028. The online version comes in the form of a 164 page interactive .pdf document.

Of particular interest are the comments Airbus makes about what its sees as the future drivers of air transport demand. The commentary also covers the growth and spread of low-cost carriers.

As might be expected given the products Airbus is offering and in a year that has seen the A380 enter service in increasing numbers, the case for larger aircraft is also advanced. Somewhat surprisingly though the trans-Tasman leg of the Emirates A380 service to Auckland has been missed off the map of A380 routes on page 69.

Every year Boeing publish a similar set of forecasts (see previous post) so it can be interesting to compare the conclusions of the two biggest airliner manufacturers as to what the future might hold.

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