06 February 2009

Dunedin international air services cut to one per week for winter

On 2 February 2009 Air New Zealand announced that it was also reducing its international flights from Dunedin Airport (DUD) to one per week in June and July (see recent post).

Prime Minister John Key, who is also New Zealand's Tourism Minister, was reported in the Otago Daily Times on 5 February 2009 as saying that he would: "continue to try to work with Air New Zealand on maintaining and re-establishing services."

Note that while Air New Zealand is currently majority government owned it is not a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE). Its shares are traded on the stock exchanges in New Zealand and Australia. As well as majority ownership, the government retains a limited degree of control through the Kiwi Share (see the company's Constitution for details).

For those interested in studying the recent declines in trans-Tasman passenger traffic out of some of New Zealand's provincial airports a good source for trans-Tasman city-pair data is the Australian Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.

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