04 November 2008

Who to vote for?

A new weblog, Pundit, has a useful Election 2008 Party Quiz to help New Zealand voters decide which party best matches their views on the issues that are important to them.

It also links to the original US Presidential Quiz from Glassbooth.

My personal results? In New Zealand three parties are very close with a fourth not far behind and I still haven't finally decided which way my two votes will be cast on Saturday. As for US, I am glad I am not voting there because my quiz input on the issues results in an exact tie between McCain and Obama!

Anyway whether you are in the United States or New Zealand this week the most important thing is that if you are eligible you exercise your democratic right to vote. At times we may wish that we had a better system of selecting our governments, but a democratic system can only survive if we all support it.

And have fun watching the results roll in on the night.

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