28 October 2008


Panopticon has a fascinating demonstration gallery of its data visualisation software. As well as the financial data that one might expect and a few treemaps that you might not expect, for those interested in aviation there is a treemap of airliner crashes covering the period 1968-2008. This can be varied by airline and by aircraft manufacturer. The data source used is AirDisaster.Com.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. The demo looks nice. But I am at a complete loss at what they mean by "Total on board". Is it total of planes, flights, passengers?

Say, in a sorting by airline Aeroflot has an overall of 6727 of this total on board with a fatalities rate of 87,5%. What's 6727? And I really doubt that 87,5% of either Aeroflot's flights or planes crashed in its history.

Or in sorting by aircraft, what is 4195 of total on board of Ilyushin with an 89,3% of fatalities? Is 4195 the total number of all types Ilyushins manufactured? How come the percentage of fatalities for all Ilyushins is so high, just like how come that 50% of B747 is fatalities? Does it mean that half of all produced B747s crashed?