17 July 2008

ICAO resources on the economic regulation of international air transport

Buried in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) web site are some very useful resources for those interested in studying trends in the economic liberalisation of inter-government restrictions on international airlines. These have been prepared by ICAO's Montreal-based Air Transport Bureau.

For example, in an Economic Regulation section of the web site there is the updated 7 March 2008 version of a 13-page paper "Overview of Trends and Developments in International Air Transport".

In a Databases and Studies section there are, for example, the results of a survey of member States on Airline Ownership and Control and databases on Economic Regulation. The latter includes liberalization case studies, a new summary of regulatory actions on major international airline alliances (complete with links), a list of regional/plurilateral agreements and arrangements for liberalization and a list of government-owned and privatized airlines.

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