31 December 2007

WTO Secretariat study focuses on plurilateral air services agreements

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat has been continuing its study of air services agreements (treaties) as part of the background for the review held every five years of "developments in the air transport sector" (see previous post). This includes the most comprehensive coverage of plurilateral/regional air services agreements that I have yet seen. The reference number for the latest work that has been made public is S/C/W/270/Add. 2. It can be found in multiple parts for download by searching the WTO web site. The site has a page on Air transport services that provides easy access to the relevant documents.

As well of being of relevance to negotiators, this latest study should also be of considerable interests to academics and students working in the international air transport field.

I was able to help the Secretariat track down the full texts of some of the plurilateral agreements, including the MALIAT and the PIASA.

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