27 October 2007

Airbus A380 enters service with first flight by SQ to SYD

25 October 2007 finally saw the delayed entry into service of the Airbus A380. The first flight was by Singapore Airlines from Singapore (SIN) to Sydney (SYD). This historic event received considerable media coverage, including in the Australian and the Telegraph.

On 27 October 2007 the Telegraph reported on an aspect of the A380's environmental impact, its emissions.

Notable in the public comments about the aircraft, however, are how relatively quiet it is.

Earlier in the month while about to leave Manila I saw an A380 prototype landing there.

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libertyscott said...

Can't wait for regular LHR flights with SQ - I then have a chance of flying on it next year (and its quieter footprint will be highly welcome).

John, do you think in the foreseeable future that is it only likely to be Emirates bringing them to NZ?

I would have thought SQ would be shifting its AKL 744/77E flights to double daily 77W flights, and that QF would stick with 744 or 330s for the onward flights to LAX.